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Where to get lucky this Valentines Day

February 10, 2010

Finding the right person has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. Case-in-point, I met my fiance in a “Introduction to Logic” course at Vanderbilt… Romantic! Who knew that I would meet my soul mate while solving logic-based math problems and trying to not fall asleep while our professor gushed about his dog…

I digress. One of my favorite sites, The Daily Beast, did a study of the best places to find a mate. They rated tons of cities on the following criteria:

  • Singles Ratio
  • Social Life
  • Emotional Health
  • Marriage Ratio
  • Divorce Ratio

You should click over to see the whole list, but I will tell you up front that I was really surprised by the findings. California and Texas pretty much DOMINATED the list. Nashville was #59–not too bad. Chicago, my current homeland, was ranked #80, smack dab between Buffalo, NY (#79) and Fort Wayne, IN (#81)… You will have to check it out yourself for more!