Jane Austen and Social Media

I am a big fan of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice just happens to be one of my favorite books. There is just something about Miss Austen’s uncanny ability to dress satire up in a proper petticoat that makes me swoon. Well, that may be a bit over the top. BUT, I do think that Mr. Darcy is one of the hottest literary characters in existence. See for yourself:

Well, you probably have to read the book and then watch the A&E adaptation to see what I mean. But trust me, totally hot!

That said, I got very excited when I read this blog post from Hubspot titled, “What did Jane Austen know about Social Media?” It is interesting to see that manners, interpersonal skills, and passion are just as important in business (and marketing) as they are in a timeless novel. Sometimes I think we forget that these simp


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