Dear John

In this pre-Valentines Day week, there is a natural urge to watch sappy romance movies… Okay, maybe I am the only one that has this urge but it is very real just the same.

According to estimates, Dear John made $32.4 million in its opening weekend (i.e. between 2/5 and 2/7). In case you haven’t seen the ads for this movie, here is the trailer:

Could this be the perfect prescription for my hankering to watch a sappy movie? This is a very important decision that must be weighed carefully…



  • A Walk to Remember (another famous Nicholas Sparks novel turned into a movie) left me emotionally drained and VERY SAD.

I just can’t decide… Is Dear John as heart wrenching as it looks? I am a lover of great love stories; however, I don’t want to sob without the promise of an upside at the end.

I need your help! If anyone has seen it, let me know what you think. Will the emotional roller coaster lead to happy tears at the end? Let me know!


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2 Responses to “Dear John”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Hi Carli! Your blog popped up on my facebook! I saw this movie last week and while it is very sad in some spots there are also great happy moments and it has a promising ending! Channing Tatum is an excellent actor in it as well. I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Theresa Says:

    Hi Carli……I saw this on Valentine weekend. It was sweet, passionate and very romantic! There were some ups and downs, but you won’t leave heartbroken! 🙂

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