Valentines Paper Crafts

So, I just found a new obsession. It is called Paper Crave and it is a blog totally devoted to gorgeous paper products and crafts. LOVE IT! As a little introduction, check out their Valentine’s Day roundup:

Printable Bag Templates

Not only is this a gorgeous idea, but Paper Crave gives you the resources to make these dreams into reality.  Twig and Thistle,the blog that Paper Crave references in their roundup, provided the template for the brown bag and the white bag. Basically, all you have to do is buy the paper bags, stick them in a color printer, and use the template to print out the adorable bags. So cute!


For my fellow Love Actually fans, I know you will appreciate the “Love Actually Is All Around” poster as much as I do. Well, dreams do come true and you can download this poster here.

Book Wreath

Last but not least, check out the adorable book wreath. Flower Patch Farm Girl made it out of TONS of punched out hearts attached to a wreath base. As a die-hard romantic that loves novels, this simply makes my heart go pitter-patter. So great!


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