State of the Internet

Thank you Mashable for showcasing this amazing graphic created by the editors of Focus. The “internet” and “social media” can seem really vague. This graphic does a great job of showcasing how the country uses the internet. Very interesting indeed!

Is this consistent with how you use the internet? I think its interesting that I’m part of such a small percentage (7%) of people under the age of 25 that blog. I would love to know your thoughts!


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One Response to “State of the Internet”

  1. Whitney G Says:

    I think this is pretty consistent with what I’ve seen. I was surprised at first by the age of bloggers too… but when you think about it, it seems to make sense. Most of the blogs I read are by women who are in their 30s. I think that people our age probably feel they don’t have the time to blog or don’t want to write longer posts, so they stick more with facebook and twitter. As we get older, we gain more insight and have a better idea of what we are interested in and how communicating that information can lead to networking and learning opportunities; then you begin to see the switch to longer-format posts. Obviously you are just ahead of the curve!!

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