10 for 2010

1. Get featured on Style Me Pretty. If you are going to read this blog, you must know that I adore the blog Style Me Pretty. Since I am planning my wedding this year, my #1 goal is to infuse my parties with enough personal style and flare that I earn a coveted spot on Style Me Pretty.

  • Update: I made an attempt to enter our engagement shoot that we did in Ann Arbor to be featured. Alas, we didn’t make it. But I still have hope and plan to enter our wedding parties this summer. Stay tuned!

2. Give to a good cause without writing a check.

3. Try out 10 new cookie recipes from Martha Stewart’s Cookie of the Day list.

4. Watch a really scary move… For the record, this is my challenge for the year. I am NOT a fan of scary movies but I suppose its time to get it through my blonde brain that they are “imaginary.”

5. Learn to fondant a cake.

6. Make five thoughtful, handmade gifts for people I love.

7. Make my own set of stationary.

8. Celebrate one obscure national holiday. For example, today was National Puzzle Day… That would have been perfect!

9. Attempt to make homemade mallows.

10. Reread the entire Harry Potter series in anticipation of the 7th movie.

  • Finished books 1-3 and currently working on #4!

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