Sesame Street Meets Google

April 23, 2010

Thanks to Mashable, I found these amazing Google parody videos done by Sesame Street. If they don’t make you smile, then you must not have cheeks!

My personal favorite: Cookie Monster

Here is our good friend, Bert, and his search story:

I have to give props to Sesame Street. This isn’t the first time I have featured a brilliant video of theres on Shiny Syndrome and I am sure it wont be the last!


I might just die…

March 26, 2010

I might just die, if I never get a cake like this in real life:

My new favorite blog, I Am Baker, has a whole tutorial of how to make this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love. Seriously, I got happy tears when I saw it. Just look at it:

PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!! Forget wedding cake, I must have this in my life!

Just Love–Crouque en Bouche

March 25, 2010

This is from one of the prettiest weddings I have EVER seen, and that is really saying something! See more at Style Me Pretty.

Whitney’s Surprise

March 6, 2010

Look what Whit brought as abtreat from Sprinkes:

Video Game Wedding Invitations

March 4, 2010

Mashable recently featured a couple who share an immense love of video games. They decided that, in lieu of traditional wedding invitations, to create a Mario-inspired video game with bride and groom characters. They then developed BRILLIANT packaging and sent out the game to their friends and family. However, there was one catch! To learn about the details of the wedding, you had to beat the game. Check it out:

This video shows the perspective of someone playing with the bride character. You can also choose to be the groom! It is the same idea as choosing Mario or Luigi in the traditional game.

I think it is so cool that they went with their passions and even developed a “game manual” to go with it! What do you guys think?

State of the Internet

March 3, 2010

An awesome video about the state of the internet:

New Take on Boutonnieres

February 27, 2010

While checking out Hello Lucky’s Blog, I found these adorable, fabric boutonnieres, made by Peppermint Cloud:

I just love it when designers take something relatively average (like a boutonniere) and recreate it by making it out of an unexpected medium. Now, I want to see someone make an entire bridal bouquet like this! You can bet i would use it at my wedding this summer. 🙂

Spring 2010 of Martha Stewart Weddings

February 27, 2010

Hello Lucky, a favorite of SMP, is an incredible paper company. Their designs are TO DIE FOR and they even made the most recent cover of Martha Stewart Weddings. Check out the cover pic:

For a sneak peek at all the BEAUTY that is in this issue (and trust me, I already own a copy and it is AMAZING), check out this SMP post. Here is my favorite shot:

I will give you one guess as to the theme of the issue….. PINK! The sub-themes is ballet. So, get ready one of the most romantic, whimsical, and downright pretty issues of Martha Stewart Weddings ever!

Eiffel Tower Romance

February 26, 2010

Little Black Book Blog, you have made this Friday truly magical! This picture is the epitome of romance:

This couple is after my own heart! They had a beautiful wedding complete with amazing photos by Stacy Reeves Photography. But, they couldn’t get enough photos (sound like someone else you might know?—ME!), so they took Stacy with them on their honeymoon to capture the beauty of Paris! Oh, and they had a little surprise for their photographer:

I don’t want to ruin the complete story, so definitely check it out on LBBB!

Creature Comforts Blog

February 25, 2010

My friend Whitney introduced me to the Creature Comforts Blog and it I instantly fell in love. Look at the amazing items that I would never have seen if it weren’t for this blog:

Credit: Honey & Jam Photography on Etsy

Credit: Red Hot Photography on Etsy

Credit: Cori Kindred on Etsy

Shortbread Buttons that you can find here

How great is this stuff?! Thanks Whitney!!